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What are PSN codes and how to get them?


Sony PlayStation is now one of the most popular gaming consoles, millions of users play it every day, and thousands of games purchased for it. PlayStation network allows users from around the world to download and play games through their own store. Right now the majority of games are created and launched for PlayStation and Xbox, and in a rare case for the PC since consoles are thought to give user better gaming experience.

Of course, while searching for a newly published game or different add-ons for already purchased, you are interested in saving money. This gives you an ability to get more from the store and maybe expand your game collection or enhance the overall gaming experience. So you might be interested in coupon codes for that. How to use PSN codes you have obtained? It is simple – type in your code into the appropriate field during the purchase.

It is highly recommended to use official PSN codes since the ones obtained from free or paid PSN codes generators are usually of low quality. And if you have paid for code generator already, you may probably throw away your money without getting results. Code generation software has nothing to do with PSN service, it just creates letters and number combinations using the same standard as official codes. At the end, you are trying to guess valid code by typing in different codes into the discount code field at the Store, but you can try to do it for free if you have time and patience. This is not the best way to save money on a game purchase.

Official codes can be obtained in different ways; these can be an invitation from your friends or network, PS newsletter, deals and coupon website, funds load to your PlayStation account or even completing different tasks on specific websites.

Deals and coupons websites can be found on the internet, and most of them are partnering with PSN or crawl published coupons to show them to their users, or even their users are sharing these coupons. You can search websites through the internet, using terms like “free Psn codes 2016”, “April play station codes 2016” etc.

You can also get PSN codes now using Points2Shop or Rewards1. Here you can complete tasks to get rewarded. These tasks can be different from playing small browser games to watching a video or completing a survey. While earning points or real money on such platforms you will be able to spend them on Gaming Gift Cards. Most of such platforms offer an ability to get a gift card for your PlayStation Network account.


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