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Hey !!! Do you have a problem with getting simoleons and lp points in the game? I understand this normal, most people simply do not have time to do different tasks or simply do not have time for it.
Game developers have found a solution to this problem in the form of in-app store where you can buy lifestyle points and simoleons for real money. However, is this the solution for you? For many probably yes, certainly the creators of the game will earn on this because they create this game and do it well.
But there are people who do not want to spend real money because they do not have too much, but they still want to get more cash quickly in the sims freeplay.
You can do it, but you need the sims freeplay cheats for free lp & simoleons.simoleons

the sims freeplay cheats for lp & simoleons

To do this, go to then read the instructions and click the red button to go to the action.
Enter your username, select device and connect to your account.
Choose the number of simoleons and lp points and click generate.
Confirm the verification and it is ready.
The whole process takes a few minutes and is really easy. I like that I can do it on my phone, most applications are not adapted to it, and this method allows you to generate money in the sims freeplay on your phone.

This is the newest method, if you do not like it, you can check my other tricks here.

About The Sims Freeplay

Still, as a freemium game The Sim FreePlay works extremely well. It’s a fun video game, if you delight in digital family pets. Sims can be good friends or perhaps passionately entailed with one another. It’s vicarious living at the severe, as well as I believe that’s why it’s so fascinating. When Sims are unfortunate they create a lot of compassion so the drive to maintain them healthy and also pleased will certainly keep individuals playing on as well as on.lp

It’s an enjoyable video game, if you enjoy electronic family pets. Sims could be friends and even passionately entailed with one another. It’s vicarious living at the severe, and I believe that’s why it’s so exciting. When Sims are depressing they produce a lot of sympathy so the drive to keep them healthy and balanced and pleased will certainly maintain individuals playing on and also on.

The Sims FreePlay provides so much fun and selection that you’ll barely notice the same old timers underpinning the works. That’s no small success. If you find yourself as hooked as I am, drop in our discussion string and also share your thoughts.

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